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Hotel Confort Oviedo -Official Website-

Comfort Hotel is a new 6 floors building with a distinctive marble facade. It is located in the commercial and business area of Oviedo which is just 8 minutes walking from the Basilica of San Julián de los Prados. The central location of the building is perfect for either working or resting.

The hotel has 22 functional and quiet rooms which are decorated in warm colors and hardwood floors. The rooms have air conditioning, heating, desk, internet...

The reception is open 24 hours. The friendly staff who are very experienced and professional, give credit the name of the hotel.

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Rimvydas, 2014-04-08 12:19:22

Price correspond room quality and service.

Alan, 2013-10-25 11:13:38

room, location, cleaning,

Manuel, 2015-04-15 14:18:33

Precio y ubicación

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Discover Oviedo -Asturias-

At just 5 minutes walking from the hotel you can reach the historical center of Oviedo, where there is the Oviedo Cathedral, of Gothic style.

In this area of the city there are many cultural attractions, such as theaters, Philharmonic and Campoamor that offer plays, operettas and operas all year round. In the center of Oviedo there are also the main museums of the city: The Fine Arts museum and the Archaeological museum.

But the city of Oviedo is not only culture and history. In the city center, more specifically in Uria Street and its surroundings, you can find the shops of major fashion houses, boutiques, jewelry stores…and see and enjoy the daily life of Oviedo.

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